The area of Ozalj is the Northwest part of the municipality of Karlovac. With an area of 179.4 km2 and close to 10 000 inhabitants, located along the middle part of the river Kupa flow and her right tributary Dobra, it is distinctive for its interesting geographical diversity. The southern slopes of Žumberak mountains, rolling hills of vivodinsko-vrhovačko wine country, broad and fertile Pokupsko plains, mount Vodenica (537m) and lake Šljunčara rich with fish draw people to this are by the beauty of its landscapes. On a limestone cliff above the quiet, mirror-like Kupa stands the old town of Zrinsko-Frankopani, a symbol of Ozalj and the heart of its historical development. Within its walls, as well as surrounding this area, many ancient, old Roman and medieval historical artifacts have been found. According to its value, the old city of Ozalj is rated as prime monument category.
Ozalj contains a rich Heritage museum collection. Among other buildings of interest, there is a Parish Church of St.Vid in baroque style (mentioned as early as 1349), and the “stone palace” Munjara, an old hydro electrical plant from 1908. Since receiving a status of city in 1996, through continuous urbanization and improvement of living conditions, Ozalj is building its identity on a blend of historical-cultural heritage and traditional values, and a lively beauty of untouched nature, welcoming all its visitors.