The Ribnik valley is located on a large bend of the Kupa River, bordering Slovenia on the west and north sides, and Mount Vodenica (537 meters) on the east. Ribnik with its old town is situated on the road Karlovac –Novo Mesto, 24 kilometers northwest of Karlovac. As we descend down the road from Netretić, on the left are the villages of Gornje & Donje Griče, Jarnevići, Veselići, Resa, Lipnik, Ravnica, Sopći Vrh, Mošenci, Sračak, Mala & Velika Paka, Srbelji, Lipnička Zaluka, Kohanjac, Brihovo, Jurovo & Jurovski Brod.  All of these villages lay along the fertile plains of River Kupa. On the other side are villages scattered hills and valleys, such as Goli Vrh, Lipnička Gorica. Gornja & Donja Stranica, Martinski Vrh, Lipnički Novaki, Jasenovica, Obrh, Jugovac, Breznik, Žakanje, Žakanjska Sela, Bukovac and Bubnjarci.

The old town of Ribnik – Wasserburg is a very interesting and extremely valuable monument of architecture. It is a rare example of a medieval water-moat surrounded fort in the plains. Once, when they would close the flow of the creek, a lake would form, and the fort itself would become an island in the middle of the lake or pond (Ribnjak). This is how the ancient town got its name – Ribnik (Pond city).